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Giacomo Luchetta

Founding Partner

Main Policy Areas: Fiscal policies, energy and environmental sustainability, industrial polices

With a varied background, ranging from policy to law and economics, Giacomo has 15 years of experience working in think tanks and consultancy companies, as well as in academia. He likes numbers, but also complex EU directives, and has a great passion for understanding how companies, markets and institutions work and interact. Giacomo has supported several EU institutions in policy drafting and evaluation, often involving the management of very complex projects and coordination of diverse competencies. His main skills are the preparation of impact assessment studies and the assessment of regulatory costs and benefits. In fact, Giacomo is a regulation geek, having read the ‘better regulation toolbox’ of the European Commission from start to finish and contributed to drafting parts of it.

Giacomo has developed expertise in various policy domains. In the area of fiscal studies, he has led major impact assessments of the VAT Directive and other forms of taxation, including excise duties and direct taxes. He has carried out several assignments related to energy policies and environmental sustainability, including energy tax indicators, price and cost of energy for industrial customers, and green public procurement. He also worked on industrial policies, contributing to a recent impact assessment of the EU Strategy for Sustainable Products and carrying out cost assessments of the European legal framework for the steel, aluminum, glass, and ceramics industries. Finally, Giacomo has a strong background in designing and implementing policy indicator systems and composite indicators. He is currently working on such a system (on policy coherence) for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and has carried out similar exercises on the EU Single Market and the East African Community.

Giacomo has a PhD in Law and Economics and a BSc in Political Science from LUISS University (Italy) as well as an LLM in Law and Economics from the Universities of Rotterdam and Gent (Netherlands and Belgium). Enthusiastic about teaching, he is contract professor in European Policies and Policymaking at LUISS University and leads capacity building courses for civil servants and private organizations.

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