Alberto Bolognini

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Alberto Bolognini

Founding Partner and President

Main Policy Areas: Public health, fiscal policies, industrial policies

Alberto has a professional career spanning almost 30 years. He has played advisory role to the European Commission, the European Parliament, governments, antitrust authorities, and various international organizations. Alberto has worked on a great variety of topics, ranging from consumer rights to private sector development and industrial and innovation policy, from transition economies to public health, from taxation to copyright and media, from green economy to macroeconomic assistance and management of regional support funding. He has acquired a unique perspective in bridging, combining and cross-fertilizing knowledge in different fields.

Alberto has set up various indicator-based monitoring systems, evaluated numerous programs and policies in different areas, assisted in the drafting of policy and programming documents, carried out several regulatory impact analyses (including one on the proposed establishment of a major EU institution in the IT field), and devised policy solutions for managing competing public health interests. He has worked in over 20 countries and his extensive background in policy support is complemented by a passion for entrepreneurship and private business activities, having also gained a solid experience in scouting investment opportunities and liaising with major institutional investors. While remaining an economist at heart, Alberto is a polymath enthusiast and enjoys mutual exchanges of expertise in different areas. One of his key strengths is the in-depth analysis of problems and their underlying drivers.

Alberto has a degree in Business and Economics (with a thesis on Industrial Economics) from the University of Bologna (Italy) and has undertaken a specialization course in transition economies at the London School of Economics (United Kingdom). He has also served as contract professor in Innovation Economics at the University of Ferrara (Italy).

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