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End-Term Evaluation of the Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA)

Evaluation of the core support provided by the Embassy of Sweden for the implementation of the GFA 2020-2024 Strategy, aimed at providing input for the preparation of a new phase of intervention.

For Sida (in partnership with NIRAS)

EFRAG Cost-benefit analysis for the LSME and VSME

Cost-benefit analysis of the standards for sustainability reporting for listed SMEs and non-listed SMEs prepared by EFRAG in the context of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

For EFRAG (in partenship with Prometeia)

OECD Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development - Romania

Support to the Romanian Government in the development of a Monitoring Framework for the Romanian National Sustainable Development Strategy and its National Action Plan.

Financial inclusion of refugees in Jordan

Development of assessment framework and questionnaire for baseline survey on the financial inclusion of camp-settled and host-settled refugees in Jordan for UNHCR (in partnership with Lattanzio KIBS)

Training on ex ante and ex post policy analysis

Design and delivery of training sessions for civil servants, professionals and academic scholars on ex ante impact assessment and ex post evaluation, drawing from EU and World Bank experience, for the European University Institute

SDG trust fund

Evaluation of the multi-donor Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Fund for the World Bank Group (in partnership with MDF)

VAT on travel and tourism

Review of the VAT rules applicable to the travel and tourism sector for DG TAXUD of the European Commission (in partnership with Economisti Associati)

EU training in Albania

Support to the EU Accession Negotiations in the economic sector in Albania for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (in partnership with the College of Europe)

End-line assessment of the MDI Investment Climate II in Ethiopia

End-line assessment covering the second phase of the Investment climate pillar of the Multi-Donor Initiative in Ethiopia, covering investment promotion, business regualtion simplification, support to the tourism sector, and trade facilitation.

For IFC (in partnership with Economisti Associati and BST consultant)

Study on the impact of Online Travel Agents on consumers and carriers

Study prepared to analyse the nature and scale of commercial practices by online travel agents and provide independent, robust evidence for the advocacy efforts of A4E and its members.
For Airlines for Europe

Evaluation of IPA project

Evaluation of the project ‘Increased capacity of EU candidate countries and potential candidates to measure and monitor impact of gender equality policies’ for the European Institute for Gender Equality (in partnership with Ipsos and Oxford Research)

Evaluation of ACDT Directive

Evaluation of the Directive on Admin Cooperation on direct taxation for DG TAXUD of the European Commission (in partership with Ramboll)

Investment climate in Mozambique

Performance evaluation of the second phase of the Mozambique Investment Climate Project for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group (in partnership with BKP Economic Advisors)

Responsible food policies

Study on commitments pledged under the EU Code of Conduct on responsible food business and marketing practices for DG SANTE of the European Commission (in partnership with IPSOS)

Container glass market report

Preparation of bi-annual market reports on glass packaging for the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE)

Impact assessment on the Detergents Regulation

Review of an impact assessment study on the making available and placing on the market of detergents for DG GROW of the European Commission (in partnership with Economisti Associati)

OECD Product Market Regulation in the USA

Product Market Regulation indicators are a set of indicators published by the OECD assessing the extent to which public policies create barriers to market entry and competition. Syntesia is responsible to collect and update the legal, economic and policy data for the USA to prepare the 2024 edition of the indicators.

VAT Gap Study

Analysis of the levels of VAT evasion at EU level and for each member country. It updates with 2022 value the existing information. providing the European Commission and national tax authorities with actionable evidence to assess the effectiveness of existing and perspective policies to tackle tax evasion.
For DG TAXUD in partnership with CASE.

Evaluation of the Swedish Chemicals Agency's Global Programme

Comprehensive assessment of a programme aimed at building capacity and improving preventive chemicals management among government and other actors in developing countries.
For the Swedish Chemicals Agency (in partnership with NIRAS).

Private sector engagement in refugee-hosting area in Kenya

Mid-term review of the multi-donor Kakuma Kalobeyei Challenge Fund for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group (in partnership with MDF)

EU Taxonomy for SMEs

Cost-benefit analysis of extending EU Taxonomy sustainability reporting to SMEs for DG GROW of the European Commission (in partnership with Oxford Research and Trinomics)

RIA training in Saudi Arabia

Support to the design and delivery of a training course on the introduction to Regulatory Impact Analysis, targeted to civil servants from the government of Saudi Arabia, linked to the local regulatory reform programme for Jacobs, Cordoba and Associats

Policy coherence for sustainable development

Monitoring and evaluation of the Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development Strategy at global level and in Italy for the Public Governance Directorate of the OECD

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