We are excited to announce the birth of Syntesia

We are excited to announce the birth of Syntesia. Founded by a group of experienced professionals with a long-standing working relationship, we seek to support public institutions and private entities in their strategic decision-making and investment processes.

Why a new boutique consultancy? 

There is a strong and growing demand for high-quality and tailored policy and economics advisory services bridging different types of knowledge. The increasingly complex policy issues and development challenges faced by our clients cannot be addressed by a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach but, instead, require bespoke solutions.

Syntesia provides the benefits of a small, hands-on and flexible organization. We are committed to investing the competencies, resources and time required by the specificities of each assignment. Over the years, Syntesia’s founding partners have built trust and recognition with clients and external partners, who with Syntesia will continue to find a capable and trusted team to meet their needs.

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